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Shopware Theme Development

Shopware is the top eCommerce platform that can transform your company into a leading firm with strong and agile traits. For the best possible shopping experience, we adopt an integrated model that correctly executes each component of Shopware development services. Our staff will ensure that your consumers have an outstanding shopping experience on a beautiful, feature-rich, and reliable platform. To help clients build their businesses, Lizenzteufel offers services and a strong and well-tailored eCommerce solution.


Shopware 5

You can quickly incorporate the Mapp Intelligence pixel into your Shopware 5-managed website by using the Shopware 5 plugin. The Mapp Intelligence pixel code is accessible on all of the website’s pages. Every standard parameter is recorded in this manner. The Shopware-set product information is used to automatically fill the Mapp Intelligence pixel settings. Predefined algorithms are used to produce the parameteShopware

Shopware 5 Themes


Shopware 6

Leading eCommerce platform Shopware 6 is designed for B2B and B2C transactions. The platform provides numerous options for setting up your online store and expanding the scope of your functionalities with different plugins and integrations. You can now communicate Contact and transaction data between Lizenzteufel and your Shopware 6 platform.

Shopware 6 Themes

  • Image Responsive
  • Image UI/UX Design
  • Image User Friendly
  • Image Creative Design
  • Image Usability

Hire a Shopware
Developer Now:

Scale up your business with the skilled team of Shopware developers working for Lizenzteufel. We ensure our customers get a timely, problem-free, and professional experience. The resumes of our developers are only a click away.

Hire Developer

Flexible Hiring & Engagement Model


Fix Price Model

We offer various pricing models, choose the one that suits you best. In the Fix-Price model all specifications, deadlines, and costs are fixed in advance.


Dedicated Model

For flexible and agile project execution, the dedicated-price model works the best. This includes the project manager and team members to design, develop & test the project.


Time & Material

This model suits best for long-term projects with dynamic requirements where the project scope is not clear, and the workload is subjective.

What We Offer In Shopware Development


Shopware Store

In less than 30 days, your store will get online as proof of concept. Our skilled Shopware development team can have your business up and running in a few days. Our devoted team of software developers will work together to customize and optimize your store in an agile way to scale it.


Shopware UX/UI

Our experienced UI/UX design team takes pride in designing user-friendly interfaces that enable eCommerce store owners to showcase their best products to engage even more customers across all devices.


Shopware Extension

Without changing the host program, our Shopware plugin development team will enable the addition of any new functionality. You can easily enable digital audio, video, and web browsing and connect to ERP/CRM applications or any other platform.


Shopware Migration

It is no longer difficult to switch from a legacy system to Shopware or to upgrade from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6. Your legacy system data will be completely and accurately migrated in a timely manner with the help of our professional Shopware Migration services.


Shopware Integration

Any unique solution can be smoothly integrated into the present Shopware landscape, from in-house systems to online marketplaces to third-party software like ERP, CRM, or bookkeeping. You can count on our Shopware professionals to deliver quick, hassle-free, & professional integration services.


Shopware Support &

At Lizenzteufel, we are fully aware of the importance of continuity of business. As a result, we take great pride in providing excellent customer support and maintenance services. As we recognize how important and unique each business is, we provide each customer with individualized support and maintenance.

Why Lizenzteufel?

We join hands as your partner rather than a team of Shopware experts. Our main objective is to transform your vision into reality by taking care of the development needs off your shoulder and letting you focus on your core business. Lizenzteufel is a partner in your success.


70+ No of Customers


50+ No of Projects


6+Years Shopware Experience

Our Shopware Developer Skill Set

We provide vast knowledge in Shopware development and all other crucial areas, supplied by experts and teams of experts hand-selected specifically for your project. Specifically, we offer:

  • Handle CSS and HTML
  • Create custom Shopware Themes
  • Structure and Technology of Shopware
  • Implement frontend apps
  • Develop complex apps
  • Add storefront pages
  • Extra jQuery plugins
  • Create jQuery plugins
  • Extend Shopware API
  • Develop backend modules Extent Frontend listings and detail pages

Hire Shopware Developer

To design and construct an amazing e-store, work with skilled developers who have been educated to make the most of the Shopware platform.

  • Single Landing Page
  • Shopware Theme 5,6
  • 2 Plugins Installations
  • Silver Logo
  • 2 Test Products
  • 3 Pages Shopware Website
  • Home/Listing/Detail Page custom coding
  • Create Custom Shopware theme 5,6
  • Handle CSS and HTML
  • Plugins Integrations
  • Platinum Logo
  • Add Storefront Pages
  • Full Shopware Website
  • Create Custom Shopware theme 5,6
  • Figma/Xd to Shopware Template
  • Handle LESS/SASS and HTML
  • Plugins Integrations
  • Logo Design
  • Add Storefront Pages

Our Other Services In E-Commerce Platforms